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Sorry for my belated reply, but I went to Quakers Hill High School before going to Wyndham College and I do the subjects: English Standard, General Maths [Which I am SO dropping next term...] Modern History, Ancient History, IT and Art.
:] Gracie is one of our two year advisors. Beth is my Ancient History teacher, probably my favorite out of many.
Who did you have?


lol, general maths isn't that bad. who's your teacher? i had beata as a teacher, hahaha.
i did advanced english with gracie, general maths with beata, chemistry with steve fogwill, biology with.. someone haha. we changed bio teachers halfway through year 12 so i don't remember who i had, ancient history with beth and ipt with sunil dutt.
yeah, english and ancient were my favourite subjects. could you tell beth and gracie that sammie chan says hi? if they remember me, haha.

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